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Game Tips

Game Tips


GTA 5: The best tips for online mode


Especially beginners are often overloaded in online mode of GTA 5 cheats. With these ten game hints, you become one of the best and most feared gangsters in Los Santos. We'll tell you how to quickly get money, remove annoying players, or find smart planes.

Missions about missions: Become an online millionaire

If you are a newcomer to the multiplayer, you should first complete some missions. They bring not only money, but also improve your rank in the game. This unlocks new weapons, cars, and features. New missions, death matches or car races can all be started with the blue markings on the map or via the "Job List" and "Quick Job" menu of the virtual mobile phone. The app icons are shown in the screenshot.

- It's best to do the missions with a friend you can talk to. So most orders are no problem and you get lots of money.
- If your friends do not already own the game, you can buy it at the best price.

GTA Dollars: The "Maze Bank" is your friend

As a rule, carry your credit in GTA 5 as cash with you. In this case, if another player kills or kills, the well-earned wage is lost forever. The "Maze Bank" can help you here, you can not take the money you paid any more. So you will only lose $ 100 per death by default.

To expand your bank account, first open the smartphone. Now discover the latest bargains at Saturn! With the control and navigate to the app icon "Internet".

In speed noise: Keep cars kept

In GTA Online, you can make any stolen car into your personal car. This only gives you access to the vehicle. As a practical side effect, the car will appear on every mission near you. So you do not have to look around for another means of transport.
First steal the desired car. If the police come to you, you have to get rid of all the stars. How this works best, read this praxistipp.

Now go to one of the many workshops called "Los Santos Customs". These are on the map with the symbolLogo development for photographers displayed in the screenshot.
From there, navigate to the menu "Protection against theft and loss". Note: If your car is damaged, you must first repair the vehicle.

As soon as you buy the transmitter, the car is yours and the exact location of the car appears on the map. If you want to invest more, you can also take out insurance. This will repair your car free of charge after an explosion or other damage.

Explore the GTA world: passive mode against annoying fellow players

If the suspended money is not enough, you can hide your fellow players completely. To do this, switch to passive mode. No one can shoot you here as long as you are walking. If you get into a car, however, you can be killed despite the passive mode.
Hold down the Gamepad's Select button until the game menu appears.

Select "Enable passive mode". After confirmation, 100 dollars will be deducted and you can safely move around in the online world. But beware: you are not safe from an explosion or angry drivers.

High: find helicopters and airplanes in GTA

If you simply want to enjoy the scenery or quickly return to Los Santos, one of the many airplanes in GTA Online is available. Regardless of your rank, a helicopter and a plane are waiting for you at the "Vespucci Beach" airfield. Just go to the displayed location on the screenshot and get into the desired vehicle. The higher your rank, the better helicopters and airplanes are ready for you. Some avian birds are replaced by others at a certain level. Tips: Use GTA 5 Hack Online

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